About Us

What we do

CookUp Talents is a comprehensive management company focused on representing talented culinary personalities around the world. It helps them manage their careers and achieve professional goals by pursuing contracts on, among others, culinary consultancy, marketing campaigns, creating high quality culinary content for books, articles, cooking shows, private dining for celebrities and high-profile personalities.

CookUp Talents has risen from a highly successful business concept of culinary workshop centres on the Central European market that work with over 40 chefs and cooks, including many award-winning personalities, specializing in variety of culinary topics. For over 5 years CookUp centres in the capital of Poland – Warsaw, have organized over 2 000 workshops, events and shows for over 30 000 people with worldwide culinary topics and menus. Over the time the company has gained extensive experience in choosing chefs and workshop topics that suit high profile clients.

CookUp grew up on communication skills of their founders, backed by years of experience in building communication strategies for their clients, as well as on their associates’ experience in the event and talent management in the cultural, music and fashion industries.

CookUp Talents works closely with chefs and other culinary personalities, who it represents, to expose their talent to the world and clients, whose needs meet great abilities and talents of the represented persons, with mutual benefit.