• Cookery team away days, team building, and client entertainment. A great opportunity to relax, have fun, learn, and bond.
  • Leadership and development. Learn how to think outside the box and improve working practices in a unique atmosphere!
  • Private parties, birthdays, anniversaries. Whatever the occasion, give your event that exclusive, indulgent feeling. We can even help with the music, décor, or branding.
  • In-house training. Let our chefs come to you, and teach you all the latest culinary techniques.
  • Specialist cookery demonstrations and courses. Our specialist chefs will share their expertise in specific cuisine or cooking methods.


We can cater for any number of guests or delegates, and tailor each experience to your request.  And if you need a venue, let us know where you’re based and we’ll find the best possible setting for your event.

Whether you’re thinking of a team-building day or a training course with a difference, talk to us.  Together we’ll create something special.

Optional training add-on:

  • Be neuro-fit! When was the last time you tried something for the first time?  Learning new things helps keep your brain active and alert, meaning you’re ready to face any challenge.  Our certified coaches will teach you how to break the habits that limit you, and maintain business mindfulness, showing you how to think and act outside the box.  Rejuvenate your brain, and let us surprise you with a variety of flavours you never thought possible.
  • Recruitment with a difference. The next time you’re recruiting new employees, why not talk to us? If the same old tired interview questions are letting you down, and you feel candidates never truly reveal themselves, we will show you how to take them by surprise!  We can devise a creative solution to assist your recruitment process – for instance, a practical test within a cookery environment. This gives you the chance to examine their behaviour under pressure and see how they deal with new challenges outside their comfort zone.  Candidates with a flexible mind, who think outside the box, and work well under time-pressure make the best employees!

General conditions:

Your event is our priority.  Talk to us about your plans, and let us know your budget.  We will work with you to create the perfect occasion.

Our prices start from £70 per person (depending on group size), and exclude VAT.  Terms and conditions will be agreed when the booking is made, and a deposit will also be required at that stage.