Project Description

Laurent De Bremaeker

Laurent De Bremaeker is a passionate young chef from Belgium, running a vibrant – and already legendary – Life Cuisine restaurant in Warsaw.

He has gained extensive professional experience working with master chefs such as Matthew Kenney in Santa Monica.  Courses at the Integrative Nutrition School of Health in New York, and the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, have helped him increase his knowledge of plant-based diets. This has led to him organising many hugely successful health and detox retreats for clients around the world.   He is also in demand as a consultant on staff training programmes for high-profile restaurants across Europe.

Laurent’s mission is to help people to discover a new type of cuisine, not only original and flavoursome, but also respecting the laws of nature.

Life Cuisine is all about combining ingredients and cooking methods in the most wholesome way to preserve the highest nutrients, and gain the maximum health benefits. Laurent believes in this way of cooking and understands the major impact and healing power that food has on our body and mind.

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