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Michal Kepinski

He is an undisputed European authority and ambassador in the field of fermentation. His professional journeys have without a doubt shaped him into the chef he currently is. He has gained his extensive experience working for KOKS Restaurant in Faroe Islands, which this year was awarded with second star of Michelin Guide. Peremptory achievement on his professional path was most definitely the time spent in Maaemo, restaurant in Oslo awarded with three stars of Michelin Guide.
Michał represents a rare sensitivity for surrounding nature, seasonal change and local produce which in his work as a Chef allows him to produce effect of absolute simplicity and honesty on the plate with a very straight forward yet elegant presentation appeal to all of the human senses.
Kępiński is famous for his international collaborations with for instance chefs from the Baltic States. His dinners based on the theme of wild edible plants have stolen the hearts and taste buds of foodies in Latvia.
Michał Kępiński stays close to the zero waste philosophy of life both privately and in his professional work. He wants to send a clear message to the world that we are surrounded with unquestionable beauty and sometimes the new taste we travel to discover to the distant parts of globe is within a reach of the hand. During his workshops he teaches how to build new taste combinations, how to let go and find joy in experimenting with products using a set of basic rules and knowledge and how to appreciate and respect what is available to us locally. It is how he inspires hundreds of his students every month and the reason that the public has fallen in love with him.
Watch out and stay tuned because he will shake the global culinary scene in the upcoming months.

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